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Reasons To Add New Tech To Your Business

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Technology doesn’t have to be scary, and there are many different platforms and services that can lend a hand to different areas of your business. In today’s article, we share some insights into a few of these areas and the types of tech that can help take your business to the next level.


To Save Time


Time. It seems so infinite until you start watching the clock tick to 5 PM. Every moment is valuable, and you have to save where you can. A few ways to cut back on time wasted include:


Get Contracts Signed More Quickly


Utilizing e-signing for contracts with Adobe Acrobat's online tool for signing and filling out PDF forms is a time-saving boon for business owners. Traditional paper contracts often involve a cumbersome process of printing, signing, scanning, and mailing or hand-delivering documents. E-signing streamlines this by allowing digital signatures, eliminating the need for these time consuming steps. With a few clicks, business owners can sign documents electronically, reducing administrative burdens and accelerating the contract approval process, ultimately saving valuable time that can be better allocated to core business operations. If you want to use a PDF filler to streamline your contract-signing process, check out Acrobat’s tool.


Reduce Your Paperwork


There are many different ways that businesses might cut down on their paperwork, and forming an LLC is one of these. If you look into how to start an LLC in Tennessee, you’ll notice that it doesn’t require much in the way of documents, and you can even streamline the process by skipping the attorney’s office and using a formation service.


Use A Calendar


An online calendar puts your schedule at your fingertips. And given their digital nature, you won’t really have to keep up with anything. Calendar explains that products, such as Google Calendar, can send you notifications when it’s time to get ready for an event or activity.


Utilize Invoicing Software


Invoicing software can help you track invoices and payments automatically and can print reports showing who owes what and when it was due. No more flipping through paper orders.


To Enhance Your Marketing Efforts


Marketing a business is a full-time job in itself. A few ways that technology can give you a boost here include:


Develop a Memorable Logo


Your logo is a visual representation of your business. And it’s a way to quickly help people to recognize your products and services out amongst competitors. Some people go for really detailed and complicated logos, but when your goal is to be remembered, it helps to use a text logo. You can easily design one yourself by starting with a template and customizing it to reflect your business and your brand. 


Tell Your Story


One of the best ways to expand your customer base is through YouTube banner ads. If you aren’t sure where to start, here's a possible solution that allows you to try out lots of time-tested templates for free! This is a great way to get the word out. After all, every business has a story, and yours is no different. 


Keep Your Marketing Teams On Track


A marketing automation platform helps your team stay in the loop with one another. They will be organized, and they won’t duplicate each other’s efforts. Look for a platform that lets you pull marketing analytics and create custom ads that convert. You’ll also have the option to automate responses to customers in your purchase pipeline. 


Engage Your Customers


In the world of business, engagement is everything. Software company G2 explains that engaged customers are more satisfied with your brand. You can use social media, text messaging, or even automated emails to stay in touch.


To Improve Customer Service


Your customers are what drive your business, and the following tools and services will keep them satisfied:


Chat Bots


Shoppers today want instant gratification, and things, like chatbots and a mobile website with an FAQ section, offer this. Anything you can do to create a custom customer service experience will benefit your business.




Adopting Computerized Maintenance Management System software for your business is crucial in optimizing maintenance operations and increasing profitability. With CMMS software, you can easily track and manage work orders, schedule preventive maintenance, and monitor inventory levels.




Freelancers might not face your customers, but they are a convenient way to bring expertise into your business. The Multiplier blog asserts that freelancers are cost-efficient, flexible, and can bring a fresh perspective to your business.


Survey Software


Look for an online survey software that sends messages to your customers and ask for follow-ups and feedback. This is the best way to collect data that helps you create a plan of action if your business begins to take a downhill turn.


Build Your Business with the Right Tech


Technology isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, and the tech and services you put into your business today will create happier and more engaged customers while improving your efforts and efficiency. From marketing automation to business formation to hiring freelancers and installing chatbots to answer common questions, the tips above are just the beginning of what the digital age has to offer business owners.


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